Note: This article is still in the proofing stage. I still need a few more run throughs to try to catch any gotcha's in the instructions.




1) Create Bootable WinPE Drive with dual partitions

Prerequisite: download and install Windows Configuration Designer, Windows ADK and WinPE Add-on for WinPE on your technician computer

The following steps are to be done on your technician computer:

  1. Insert a fresh USB drive. It's strongly recommended to be USB 3.0 and at least 16GB. If you'll be storing multiple images on the same drive, plan on 10-10GB per image.

  2. Next, you need to find out some details about your USB drive. Open a command prompt and run the diskpart command. Type the command List disk and make a note of the drive number of your USB drive. Type the comman List volume and make a note of what drive letters are in use on your device. If you're not comfortable with command line, the same tasks can be completed graphically with the "Create and format hard disk partitions" tool in Windows.

  3. Type exit to exit diskpart

  4. Open PowerShell ISE as admin and paste the Dual Partition Script below into the editing window, changing the Disk Number to the USB Disk Number you found in step 2 above, and with Drive Letters that are currently not used on your computer. Run the script. This step is used to create a flash drive that can both be bootable and capture the FFU image. Two partitions are needed because the WinPE drive needs to be formated as Fat32, while the size of the images being captured (>4GB) requires an NTFS partition.

    Dual Partition Script

  5. After a few minutes, your drive should be complete. You can verify by navigating to Windows Explorer and the drive should show up like below:

  6. Launch the Deployment and Imaging Tools Environment in Windows. You can use the Windows search bar to find it and launch as administrator.

  7. When Deployment and Imaging Tools launches, it will look like a command prompt. Create working files for your drive by entering the following command:

    <aside> ⌨️ copype amd64 c:\winPE_amd64


  8. Run the following command where F: is the drive letter of your WinPE partition.

    <aside> ⌨️ MakeWinPEMedia /UFD C:\WinPE_amd64 F: